Morphological Image Processing-DIP Lecture Videos


Morphological Image Processing-DIP Lecture Videos. These videos will help you to learn about morphological image processing concepts in DIP subject. Morphological Image Processing Techniques, methods, Structuring element, Erosion, Dilation, Duality proof, Opening and Closing and Hit or Miss Transformation concepts covered in these videos. Tags : JNTU Digital Image Processing Online Lectures, Morphological Image Processing Online Lecture Videos Read More »

JNTUH Management Science Mid-1 Bit papers Download

JNTUH Management Science Mid-1 Bit papers Download Download MANAGEMENT SCIENCE  Bits Tags : JNTU 4-1 ECE MS mid 1 bit papers download, Objective questions from management science subject jntuh, CSE Management science important bit questions, EEE Management science objective questions. Read More »

JNTUH 1st Mid Exams Time Table BTech August 2016

mid timetable

JNTUH 1st Mid Exams Time Table BTech August 2016. JNTU Hyderabad released 1st mid exams timetable which is to be held in august 2016. IV_YEAR_I_SEM_MID_I_TIMETABLE_AUG-2016 28-07-2016 III_YEAR_I_SEM_MID_I_EXAM_TIMETABLE-AUG-2016 II_YEAR_I_SEM_MID_I_EXAM_TIME_TABLE-AUG-2016 Tags: JNTUH 1st Mid exams schedule for all branches, JNTUH 2-1,3-1,4-1 1st mid exams timetable August 2016 Read More »

JNTU B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Materials

Mechanical Engineering Materials

We have provided links for Mechanical engineering branch materials from 1st year to 4th year semester wise . Simply click on the subject to download the material. First Year B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Materials Theory Practical English Mathematics – I Engineering Physics Engineering Chemistry Computer Programming Engineering Drawing Engineering Mechanics (AE, ME and CE only) Computer Programming Lab Manual Engineering Physics ... Read More »