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JNTU Electrical and Electronics Engineering Materials

JNTU Electronics and Communication Engineering Materials

JNTU Electrical and Electronics Engineering Materials

For all JNTU students..Here is the collection of all JNTU EEE branch materials.You can download the material just by clicking on it.We have uploaded every material here.

JNTU B.Tech EEE Branch Materials

First Year B.Tech Materials

     Theory             Practical
  • Computer Programming Lab
  • English Language Communication Skills Lab
  • Engineering Physics & Engineering Chemistry Lab
  • Engineering Workshop / IT Workshop Lab


Second Year B.Tech Materials

Sem-1 Sem – 2
·         Mathematics – III

·         Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery

·         Electronic Devices & Circuits

·         Electrical Circuits

·         Electromagnetic fields

·         Electrical Machines-I

·         Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis

·         Power Systems-I

·         Electronic Circuits

·         Switching Theory and Logic Design

·         Network Theory

·         Electrical Machines-II


Third Year B.Tech Materials

Sem – 1

Sem – 2

·         IC Applications

·         Management Science

·         Power Systems-II

·         Control Systems

·         Power Electronics

·         Electrical Machines-III

·         Electrical and Electronics Instrumentation

·         Static Drives

·         Computer Methods in Power Systems

·         Microprocessors and Interfacing Devices

·         Environmental Studies

Open Elective

·         Disaster Management

·          Intellectual PropertyRights

·         Human Values and Professional Ethics


Fourth Year B.Tech  Materials

Sem – 1 Sem – 2
·         Switch Gear and Protection

·         Utilization of Electrical Energy

·         Digital Signal Processing

·         Power System Operation and Control

·         Elective-I
High Voltage Engineering
VLSI Design
Digital Control Systems
Data Structures

·         Elective-II
Optimization Techniques
Electrical Distribution Systems
Electrical Estimation and Costing

·         Fundamentals of HVDC and FACTS Devices

If any material is missing here just comment and we will provide you links as soon as possible.

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