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Jntuh 2-1 EDC Important Questions For External Exams

Jntuh 2-1 EDC Important Questions For External Exams

Jntuh 2-1 EDC Important Questions For External Exams

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Check as per R13 Syllabus


01.Derivation for Diode Equation
02.Temperature Dependence of V-I Characteristics
03.Transition and Diffusion Capacitances
04.Explain about Insulator,Semiconductor and Conductor With Neat Sketches.
05.Formation of Depletion Region in Open Circuited PN Junction.
06.Define Static,Dynamic and Reverse Resistances
07.Explain Tunnel Diode Characteristics with neat diagram
08.Two Transistor Version of SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)

Problems related to Reverse Saturation Current,Static and dynamic resistances,Transition and Diffusion Capacitances


01.Define the terms referred to Full Wave Rectifier Circuit and HWR
ii)Average or D.C Voltage
iii)RMS Current
iv)Ripple Factor
02)Derive the Ripple factor of pi-filter with neat sketch
03)PN junction as Rectifier
04)Half wave Rectifier and Full Wav Rectifier


01)Explain Transistor as Current Controlled Device
02)Transistor Current Components
03)Explain CB,CC and CE Configurations with input and Output Characteristics
04)Determination of H-Parameters from Transistor Characteristics
05)Comparison of CB,CC and CE Amplifier Configurations
06)Define α and β and derive the relation between them
07)What is Early Effect?How does it modify V-I characteristics of a BJT?


01)Explain the criteria for fixed operating point
02)Explain the need of Biasing
03)Explain the different types of Biasing methods.
04)What are the compensation techniques used for Vbe and Ico?Explain with the help of Circuits
05)Draw the circuit diagram of a collector to  base bias circuit of CE amplifier and derive expression for S


01)Differences between BJT and FET
02)Why FET is called Unipolar device and is called voltage operated device?What are important characteristics of FET?
03)MOSFET characteristics in enhancement and depletion modes
04)Advantages of FET over MOSFET
05)Explain about Generalized FET Amplifier

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